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Independent Contractors Exempt from Arbitration under FAA

United States Supreme Court Rule Independent Contractors are Exempt from Arbitration Clauses in Trucking Company Contracts. The US Supreme court has ruled in favor of an Independent Contractor that brought suit against a trucking company which was compelling the Owner Operator to settle a wage dispute through arbitration. The owner operator had brought a class […]

Electronic Logging Mandate Confusion F13

Electronic Logging Mandate Confusion Here we are over two months into the electronic logging device mandate and guess what? Utter confusion and uncertainty. Is anyone really surprised? Analysts are struggling to determine what effect ELD exemptions will have on the industry. The government and transportation executives are all trying to determine what freight needs to […]

Are Shippers Taking Advantage of the Electronic Logging Mandate?

Are Shippers Taking Advantage of the Electronic Logging Mandate? It is no secret that some unscrupulous shippers and consignees have taken advantage of the transportation industry by charging exorbitant fees, fines and charges when a driver misses a delivery appointment. Of course, this only flows one way. If a driver has an appointment at 1pm […]

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