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There are a lot of good things about the transportation industry that the general public tends to ignore. This is largely due to lawyers continually demonizing the industry and the frustration we all feel when we get behind a slow semi trying to make it up an incline.

Yes, even though we are in the industry it frustrates us as well. We are all just in a hurry and easily frustrated. Part of who we are today.

One thing we want to talk about today, instead of bashing unethical lawyers, is the opportunities provided by the industry. In particular we want to discuss how relatively easy it is to get into the industry as a small business owner.

Typically, this starts as an owner operator owning a single truck and grow from there for many entrepreneurs. As great as these opportunities are, we should note that these very opportunities are under attack in many states. Most prominently is California’s attack on the owner operator model. These attacks could destroy the type of success story we want to discuss in this article. So, let the states and your local politicians know that the owner operator model is important and creates tremendous opportunities for those wanting to build their own company.

Today we want to profile a man named Amari Ruff, we saw his story on and thought it was very inspirational.

Amari went from homeless and working jobs to help his mother pay the bills as a teenager to owning a multi-million dollar trucking company.

He went from bouncing between homeless shelters to success in the transportation industry.Owner Operator Jobs

Amari went from a single parent home commuting four hours a day to attend high school to realizing the American dream.

Amari’ story is about overcoming, success, hard work and never letting obstacles prevent his success.

He started in 2010 with about $300.00 and a single truck and grew that into a 200 truck fleet at 5 different locations in the United States.

In 2015 he launched Sudu, which is an online marketplace using technology to connect small and medium size trucking companies. This segment makes up over 90% of the trucking industry, which is another great thing about the transportation industry. Again, this is currently one of the easiest industries to start a new business. Something that we think it is vitally important we protect. The American dream is real in the transportation industry but we must be willing to protect it.

Just 3 short years after starting his company, which is based on Atlanta, Amari has grown his network to over 300,000 trucking companies. Many of these are minority, women and veteran owned companies. Another great think about the transportation industry.

But, Amari’s success doesn’t stop there. He has also been able to cut deals with many large corporations outside the transportation industry. Companies like Wal-mart and UPS.

So, why do we care about Amari’s success?

Because it shows the American dream that the transportation industry provides to all of those who are willing to work hard to obtain it. It shows that there are opportunities waiting for everyone. It shows how you can literally go from homeless to owning a multi-million dollar company as long as you don’t give up.

Don’t let the politicians take away these types of opportunities. Fight for the rights of owner operators.

Want to know more about Amari’s company? Visit

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