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What is a Logistics Agent?

A Logistics Agent is a professional who is responsible for coordinating the movement of goods and materials from one location to another. They work in the logistics industry and are tasked with ensuring that products are delivered to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. The job of a logistics agent involves a wide range […]

Trucking Company Agent Programs

Trucking Company Agent Programs We get a lot of questions about different trucking company agent programs from both truck freight brokers as well as capacity truck agents. The truth is twofold: One, there are as many different truck agent programs out there as there are trucking companies. Two, when it comes right down to it […]

How to Find Customers

How to Find Customers So you are a transportation agent and you need to find or grow your business. I assume you must have solved the issue of finding enough drivers or owner operators if you need new customers, if so good for you. If not maybe we can help you with that also. Or, […]

What Makes a Cold Call Work

Cold Call Strategies

Making a sales Cold Call is no easy task, it takes a special kind of personality. Someone that does not mind rejection and has the confidence to actually make the call to begin with. It takes discipline and an overall desire to be successful. Today, We want to focus on a new Cold Call. The […]

Being A Freight Agent is Not Easy

Being A Freight Agent is Not Easy Being a freight broker agent or a freight capacity agent is no easy task. You have all the headaches of a small business, a sales organization and the heavy regulation of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) Starting with the FMCSA, the new electronic logging device mandate has […]

We want Top Freight Agents

We want Top Freight Agents We have a transportation company looking for freight agents right now. They offer a great program tailored just to freight broker agents as well as freight capacity agents. What is the difference? A freight capacity agent usually either owns trucks or has an owner operator following that will be changing […]

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