Truck Drivers – Where’s the Love?


If you fill up your car with gas, thank a truck driver.

If you buy groceries, thank a truck driver.

If you buy a car, thank a truck driver.

If you own or live in a house, thank a truck driver.

Truth is, without truck drivers our entire economy would screech to a sudden stop. Except for your local farmers market, nothing gets sold or bought without a truck driver some where in the loop. Virtually everything gets shipped or has a component that was shipped via truck from somewhere else.

Long haul truck drivers might go days or weeks without seeing their family.

We praised them during the pandemic, while they risked their lives to keep products in the stores for you. Did you forget?

Just recently there was a large accident in Dallas because of ice. They are already talking about the lawsuits the trucks involved in the crash are going to face even though they were out their trying to keep all of us stocked up on the goods we need to survive.

So, why do we as a society hate truck drivers so much? You think we don’t?

We target them if they are involved in an accident regardless of fault? Some law firms make their entire revenue specifically targeting the industry. If you watch television, I am sure you have seen the advertisements. If you drive down the road, I am sure you have seen the billboards. If you listen to the radio, I am sure you have heard the advertisements.

Politicians see the transportation industry as a ‘cash cow’ just waiting to be pillaged. Even when legislation is passed to help stream line the process such as IFTA, the states just invent a new tax to add on to it.

Politicians like to pass new regulations restricting the industry under the guise of ‘increased public safety’. Not doubt some of these were needed, especially 20 years ago but today most of the new regulations have little to do with safety and more to do with revenue generation, removing independent business owners from the industry, and make the public think politicians are actually doing something.

What about you personally? When a you pull up behind a truck on the interstate in the left-hand lane as he is trying to pass another truck, what goes through your mind? It doesn’t matter if the truck is doing the speed limit or not, you are still frustrated with the driver, right? Never mind he might be taking much needed food to your local grocery store so you can buy it tomorrow.

Think about it. Where’s the love?

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