How to Make a Cold Calling Script

How to Make a Cold Calling Script

Cold calling scripts are key to starting a successful in house sales program. Although long term the use of cold calling scripts can make your sales calls seem robotic, when you are learning they are a great way to help you gain confidence while gaining experience in cold calls.

The goal when using cold scripts is to one day not need them.Cold Call Script

But, today you do, and that is why you are here to find out how to make an effective cold calling script.

Start by sitting down and brainstorming what your services are. Make sure you know what you are offering and understand your services/products well enough to have intelligent conversation about them.

It is always great when making an effective cold calling script to have someone you can bounce ideas off of. A small group of people brainstorming can make this process less painful and more complete in the long run.

Next write down how your services will help your potential customers. You need to have an idea of who your target customers are when you start this so you can target your offerings to their needs. Remember, you are not writing your cold calling script yet, just brainstorming.

Probably the next thing I would work on is some ways to deal with objections. What would you say if the customer said, “We had a bad experience in the past”, “We don’t need any more assistance”, “We don’t use your types of service” or whatever you can think of while brainstorming. Be sure to work on answers to these questions. I would try to answer them after you have finished writing the potential objections just so you can stay in a rhythm.

When writing an effective cold call script it is good to stay in rhythm so I like to write the objections then answer them

Now, you have a rough outline of what you offer and what you will say if you get objections.Cold call Objections

So let’s start writing a few effective cold calling scripts. Notice I said a few, having multiple cold calling scripts helps you to not sound so robotic and will get you off of the scripts faster in the long run. Eventually, you will just have them as an outline in case you get stuck, or not at all.

Begin your cold calling script with a friendly introduction like, “Hi, my name is XXX with XXX, may I speak with XXX”

The main thing is to be conversational and friendly. Practice your cold calling script enough that you don’t sound like you are reading it in case I haven’t already mentioned that.

Be honest about who you are and what you want. Don’t start this new relationship with any kind of deception. Yes, you may not get very far if they don’t want any sales calls but it is always better to be honest.

Once you get to the person you want to talk to have another greeting in your cold calling script that once again identifies you and who you are with. Be friendly but direct. Most people don’t like to waste their time.

Keep the conversation friendly and be sure not to ‘plow’ through services and how they will benefit the customer without letting them ask questions. Remember, the goal is not to get through your cold calling script; it is to start a conversation with the potential customer.

At some point you may need to reference your objections note or the conversation may go in a different path than you scripted. This is fine; remember you are just having a conversation with another person when it comes right down to it.

Build a connection but make sure they know why you have called.

Before you end the call, make sure you have some sort of reason for a follow up in place. This is the ‘call to action’ that leads to the next call or email. Typically, I prefer calls over emails when following up with a potential new customer after a cold call. Calls build relationships faster.Customer Acceptance

If the potential customer has asked you to provide some information by email that is fine. Just tell them you will get the email over to them and then follow up with another call after they have gotten it.

You can also do a follow up call to make sure they got the email and see if they have any other questions.

I am not saying you should not email after a call, in fact you should. An email gives the customer your name, contact information and a brief summary of why you called. This will help the customer remember who you are in the future. Plus, it might be easier for them to communicate by email. But, that does not mean you should not make a follow up call. Again, calls build relationships, not emails. Personal visits work even better if the customer will allow them.

Summary of an effective cold call script:

  • Introduction
  • Services you offer and how they relate to the customer’s needs.
  • How will you handle objections
  • Build a relationship
  • Call to action or reason to follow up




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