What is the job of a Transportation Freight Agent

What is the job of a Transportation Freight Agent?

Build Relationships -This is the number one job. These relationships are with Drivers, Owner Operators, Clients and Carriers. We build these relationships through Consistency and Time.

Consistency with Customers -You need to call on a regular basis, once p/day, once p/week, once every two weeks or once p/month based on size and volume of client. These calls over time help build confidence and trust in your ability to be thorough.

Consistency with Carriers. The same holds true with Carriers. Every time you make contact with a Carrier try to seek out the same dispatcher. Over time they will come to realize that you have available freight on a consistent basis that runs in specific lanes. This too helps grow confidence and trust in you and your abilities.

Consistency with Owner Operators and Drivers. Owner operators and drivers whether they are yours, assigned to you transportation agency or system trucks rely on you to make a living AND you rely on them. It is best to think of them as your business partner, if each of you do your part and treat each other honestly and fairly then everyone wins, including the Customer.

Time -It’s close to impossible to grow any kind of relationship in a short time. The marriage of time and consistency is the secret to success in this business. Eventually the Customer, driver, owner operator or Carrier should be able to know who they are speaking to without you having to tell them your name. When that goal has been reached you know you are on the right track.

Respect -Always be respectful to your Customer, driver, owner operator or Carrier. They are the lifeline to your financial success. Do not speak down to them, at them or over their heads, no one appreciates that kind of treatment.

Be Busy -No one wants to do business with a loser. Whenever you are on the phone be businesslike, clear and ask all the questions the first time. They are busy people and will perceive the second call for information as sloppy and unprofessional. Always try to be the one hanging the phone up first. Everyone wants to be associated with busy successful people. Remember, the Customers job is tied into his decision to trust you with his companies’ freight. Make them proud of their decision and confident in their choice. The same goes for drivers, owner operators and carriers.

Time Management -If you don’t understand this concept, get a book on it. There are literally thousands of books written on the subject. Why?? Because it is the number one difference between successful people that work smart and unsuccessful people that work hard. Every day the successful freight broker agent is calling his “A” book searching for freight opportunities, calling his “B” book trying to convert his leads to accounts and cold calling to keep his account base growing. If any of these calls are not made consistently then your business will be directly affected negatively. Remember, it doesn’t matter how good you are, companies go out of business, Shipping Managers die and competition is rabid!

Becoming a freight agent is not an easy task. You are a professional small business owner and should run your operation that way. Not just anyone can become a freight agent, but you have! That is because you are dedicated to the process of being better and improving.

Treat your customers, drivers, owner operators and carriers fairly and with the respect you want for yourself and you will continue to grow and become more successful.

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