We want Top Freight Agents

We want Top Freight Agents

We have a transportation company looking for freight agents right now.

They offer a great program tailored just to freight broker agents as well as freight capacity agents.

What is the difference?

A freight capacity agent usually either owns trucks or has an owner operator following that will be changing companies with them. Our recommended company has some unique compensation programs that give you a great deal of flexibility as a freight capacity agent when it comes to their compensation model.

You have the ability to set a default compensation payout and then modify it on a per load basis if you want. This gives you the utmost in flexibility when it comes to paying your owner operators, or even your company trucks if necessary.

Put all this together with a compensation model based on a total payout percentage and you have one of the most flexible payout programs available in the industry.

A Freight broker agent focuses on soliciting freight from their customers to put on outside carriers. Our recommended company gives you one of the highest agent brokerage payouts of the full service transportation companies we have reviewed.

In both of their programs, you have the ability to increase your compensation as your revenue goes up. The freight broker agent program can even be modified to base your compensation on the per load compensation. The more made on each load the higher your percentage is. Of course, there is also the standard broker agent split that is common in the industry.

You can stop searching trucking companies agent programs, we have done that for you. We have a lot of experience in the with various truck agent programs and feel pretty confident that our recommended company stacks right up there with any program in the industry.

So, what makes our recommended company special besides the unique and flexible compensation model they offer?

There are a lot of places we could start but we decided to go with the size of the company. Perhaps it is better to put it this way. Yes, they are a large freight agent company but because of the way they break down their operations they run like a small family owned company. You will get the individual support and attention that you would get in a small family owned company while getting all the financial benefit of a large corporation, which they are at the top level.

Because they are run like a small family owned company, you get a great deal of flexibility in your operations. They have the ability and desire to be flexible in order to make you successful.

We touched on this above but want to restate it. They are financially secure. This is one of the most important things we look for in a transportation agent program. Without financial security nothing else really matters. You need to be 100% sure that you and your trucks get paid.

Speaking of being paid, they pay their trucks and trucking agents on a the Comdata fuel card. No more waiting for checks to arrive in the mail or hoping they arrive. Funds are deposited each week once settlements close. You also have the option of setting your Comdata fuel card up for direct deposit or writing Comchecks directly off of the fuel card.

We know this is not exactly a trucking agent benefit, but they offer HUGE fuel discounts on fuel purchases. If you as the trucking agent own your own trucks then you get this savings. If not, then your owners operators will thank you. Our recommended company uses their entire network to get the best savings available, in many cases we are talking cost plus $0.00 at some major truck stops.

Their software is easy to use and 100% web based, so you can access it anywhere with no downloads. Just go to the website and log on. The software does not have some of the bells and whistles of some software but it is efficient and easy to use. One of the less complicated software programs we have seen and very user friendly and easy to learn for new freight agents.

You will have assigned settlements, safety and collections that you will deal with on a daily basis. No more calling the corporate number and wondering who you will get. You get the same person almost every time. This includes the same general manager to call if there is a problem. Each trucking agent is assigned an general manager to speak with if they need anything.

They offer an annual agent convention for all freight agents that meet the minimum requirements. There agent meeting is less about boring meetings and more about socializing and getting to know the other agents and corporate staff.

We can keep going, but will stop now. If you are interested in knowing more about the company we are recommending, >>CLICK HERE<<.

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