What Makes a Cold Call Work

Making a sales Cold Call is no easy task, it takes a special kind of personality. Someone that does not mind Image result for cold callsrejection and has the confidence to actually make the call to begin with. It takes discipline and an overall desire to be successful.

Today, We want to focus on a new Cold Call.

The opening line needs to catch attention. Be specific enough to not waste the time of the person you are dealing with while at the same time being unique enough to not just get hung up on.

Make sure you are talking to the right person before you start your ‘spill’. The correct person is less likely to just hang up on you because they have an idea of what you are selling and whether or not they have a need for your services. Plus, it is a waste of time to convince the substitute secretary that they need to use your company.

Be polite and respectful without sounding apologetic.

Quickly (without rushing) explain why you are calling and highlight what services you do well or how you can improve their operations. The easiest way to get new business is to identify what your customer needs and explain how you can fix the problem.

End the call with a question or action item. This gives you a reason to follow up and take the next step. No matter how good of a sales person you are, if you don’t have a plan to move on to the next step you have wasted everyone’s time.

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