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Electronic Logging Mandate Confusion F13

Electronic Logging Mandate Confusion Here we are over two months into the electronic logging device mandate and guess what? Utter confusion and uncertainty. Is anyone really surprised? Analysts are struggling to determine what effect ELD exemptions will have on the industry. The government and transportation executives are all trying to determine what freight needs to […]

Transportation Industry Parking Crisis

Transportation Industry Parking Crisis Parking has been an issue in the transportation industry for years as more trucks are one the road and states are cracking down on where trucks can park. The biggest change that has occurred is the electronic logging device mandate. Because of the electronic logging device mandate, drivers have much less […]

Electronic Logging Device Mandate – Did it make Transportation Safer?

Electronic Logging Device Mandate – Did it make Transportation Safer? The government was excited to get electronic logging devices in trucks over the past couple of years with the actual electronic logging device mandate deadline coming in December of 2017. But, the question still lingers, do electronic logs actually make transportation safer? Currently, there are […]